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Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has been servicing the transportation industry for over 22 years, our system provides digital solutions for any business that benefits from employee training software, including human resources, school districts, and more.

We’re not a technology company or an employee training software company: we are a Client Success Company.

Regulatory Pressure

Setting and administering Standard Operating Procedures must be in place so employees function productively and safely

State and Federal Agencies, Financial Industry (SEC – FTC), Health and Safety (OSHA – EPA – FDA),  Business and Employment (ICC – EEOC), and others.

Safety Sensitive Operations

According to the National Safety Council, a worker is injured on the job every 7 seconds. That’s over 4,000 injuries in an average workday. All of us should do our part to make that a smaller number – and we can! Effective ongoing training raises safety awareness and makes us all safer employees.

Employee Productivity

Creates loyal employees–promotable employees–employees engaged in their work. The more well prepared the employee, the better the company’s performance and productivity.

Micro-Learning Videos

Our video catalog includes content designed to streamline your training.

Accident Prevention for Medium to Light Vehicle Fleets

Worker Safety and Injury Prevention Training

Occupational Health and Safety Administration Training


Infinit-I includes a comprehensive video training library. Each video is focused on an important topic, and most take about 8 minutes to complete. The videos harness your employee’s inherent ability to improve their performance in the field.

Management has the ability to see who’s taken the training and can measure individual or group comprehension levels in just seconds.

In addition, a dedicated client success representative works with you to ensure your success, fielding all tech questions from employees and creating customized reporting that makes assigning and analyzing training as easy as pushing a button.


Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is an employee training software and digitally transformed learning management system. Clients of Infinit-I receive instant, unlimited access to our entire video library, which includes over 800 learning modules.

Each Infinit-I Workforce Solutions video is focused on one succinct topic, and averages between 3 to 7 minutes long. These microlearning videos increase comprehension and retention, improving your workforce efficiency and positively impacting your bottom line.

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Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

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