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Tips for Heavy Truck Fuel Economy

Tips for Heavy Truck Fuel Economy

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “fuel economy?” Words like profitability, safety and improved driver experience should be at the top of the list. Transportation companies and commercial carriers have seen a large push toward fuel efficiency as governmental regulations have been implemented. And many companies, in an effort... Read More

How to Plug 3 Holes That Cause Stress Training Drivers

How to Plus 3 Holes that Cause Stress in Truck Driver Safety Training, Orientation, and Onboarding.

There are holes in your training program, and they’re costing you lots of money and time that could be better used in other areas of your company. There’s a really easy way to plug these holes forever – allowing you to use your company resources in more strategic areas.

The best part is you can learn about this simple solution when you... Read More

How Commitment Impacts Your Truck Driver Retention Strategy

truck driver retention strategies

By: Ray Haight Creator, Driver Retention Masterclass

Commitment throughout your organization is important to the success of improving truck driver retention, especially among the ownership and management teams. These two teams set the example for all others in the company.  Before a company can work on a driver... Read More

Winter Weather Readiness Tips for Truck Drivers

Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions

“I like the cold weather. It means you get work done.” – Noam Chomsky

Trucking is an industry where the work always gets done, no matter the challenges – and there are many challenges. Staying on top of new legislation and regulation, monitoring new technologies and their benefits, and... Read More

How the Infinit-I Workforce System Integrates via API with Tenstreet

Can the Infinit-I Workforce System integrate with Tenstreet and other software?

One of the unique things about the Infinit-I Workforce System is how easily customizable it is to fit the unique needs of your business. For example, many of our clients  utilize Tenstreet for their driver recruiting software.  Through an API, we are able to... Read More

How to Rid Your Company of Driver Turnover & Improve Your Bottom Line

By: Ray Haight Creator, Driver Retention Masterclass

Do you want to make more money in 2018?  I guarantee you will make far more money getting your driver turnover in line than you ever will growing your fleet while you still have high turnover.

In fact, if you’re a trucking company with high driver turnover,... Read More

The 3 Pillars of a Strong Safety Program

Video: The 3 Pillars of a Strong Safety Program?

About the Presenter

How would decreasing accident costs by $8400 per accident impact your company’s bottom line?

It equated to more than $330,000 per year for Allan Hicks, Vice President of Human Resources for BR Williams Trucking. He was able to accomplish this through awareness... Read More

CSA 2010 Unsafe Driving Basic

Fleet safety managers can us our Infinit-I Workforce system for their driver training safety awareness programs without having drivers come into terminals. What is the Unsafe Driving BASIC? The Unsafe Driving Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category (BASIC) is one of seven categories that the Federal Motor Carrier... Read More

Sleep Apnea Truck Driver Training

Our Infinit-I Workforce system will give your company the ability to track your warehouse employees and your truck drivers' safety training anytime, anywhere, and help develop an ongoing safety culture within all your company departments. Our Infinit-I Workforce system provides you with an extensive library of warehouse and trucking... Read More

Rest Stop Exercises For Truck Drivers

Fleet safety managers can us our Infinit-I Workforce system for their driver training safety awareness programs without having drivers come into terminals.

This training video covers:

This easy to do exercise and stretching training provides CDL drivers with a simple routine that can be performed... Read More