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Calcasieu Parish School Board On Life Before and After Online Training in Student Transportation

Online Training School Bus Drivers, Student Transportation

Mary Bass Fontenot, Director of Transportation with Calcasieu Parish School Board (CPSB), shares what life was like before and after implementing online training for school bus drivers in her student transportation department.

Before becoming the Director of Transportation for CPSB, Mary was a teacher, assistant principal, and bus driver.  She... Read More

Free Event Teaches How to Stop Complacency in Student Transportation

School Bus Driver Safety Training Ideas

In order to keep your student transportation department operating, there are minimum amounts of required training hours over a minimum number of topics that your school bus drivers must complete each year. In most districts, these trainings are done during in-services and at periodic safety meetings pre-planned on the district’s annual calendar.... Read More

School Buses Safe Option Students

Though rare, news stories of school bus accidents haunt many Americans with school-aged children. We all know that vehicular accidents are responsible for a large section of deaths every year, but how safe are school buses and how do accidents compare to those of passenger cars?

Annually, about 800 school-age children die in car accidents during... Read More

Are Your School Buses Safe?

We all know that the roads are a dangerous place. Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of child deaths worldwide. For this reason, school bus safety is a matter of great concern. The United States has instituted safety regulations designed to maintain and improve the safety of our school buses.

If you have a drivers license, you know... Read More

New Jeresy Anti-Bullying

School bus drivers are charged with serious responsibility as they not only operate large vehicles on city streets but also have to safeguard school children over 4.3 billion miles transporting 23.5 million children on school related trips every year. However, school bus drivers are also expected to help stop bullying by school children on the buses. The... Read More

School Bus Driver Training Videos

School bus drivers need initial and ongoing training to ensure they have the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure they are trained on the best practices to avoid common accidents and injuries associated with transporting students on a daily basis.  This school bus driver training video series highlights the safety training topics bus... Read More

School Bus Driver Vehicle Inspection Training Videos

This course teaches school bus drivers how to properly inspect a school bus for equipment defects, which may prevent safe operation of the vehicle.

Vehicle Inspection Training Video Topics:

Fire Extinguishers: Covers common causes of school bus fires, reminding drivers to do a thorough pre-trip maintenance check to prevent... Read More

School Bus Driver Student Management Training Videos

School bus drivers need ongoing training in student management. This bus driver training video series focuses on some of the core student management issues bus drivers face on a daily basis.

Topics in School Bus Driver Student Management Video Series:

Basic Student Management: This training provides an overview on how to manage... Read More

School Bus Driver Special Needs Training Videos

This online school bus driver training video series focuses on teaching best practices for transporting students who may need special attention or assistance being transported on school buses. The series is taught by Lyn Roberts, a retired school transportation director and trainer for special needs transportation.

Special Needs School Bus Driver... Read More

School Bus Driver First Aid Training Videos

This school bus driver training video series is designed to provide school bus drivers instruction in first aid practices. The safety training video series covers basic principles of handling serious medical emergencies with additional emphasis handling a variety of minor injuries or illnesses that may occur while students are riding on school... Read More