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“The golden rule for documentation: if it’s not documented, signed, and dated, then it didn’t happen.” – Bassett Firm, Trucking Attorney Mike H. Bassett

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Nearly 8% of all paper documents are lost each year, and 3% are misfiled (PricewaterhouseCoopers). Without document and reporting digitization, you increase your office costs and put your company in danger.

Without a systematic approach to analyze your employee training performance, results will not be communicated to executive management.

A poorly-managed training system for your company risks the success of your entire business. Training should be directly related to your organization goals, and you can only reach those goals if you can analyze your training program.

Ready to see Infinit-I's reporting and documentation capabilities for yourself?

We want to help you keep up with your training program efficiently and reach your company goals. Request a demo of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, or experience the power of our system in-person at an upcoming Boot Camp Training Seminar.

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Benefits of Effective Training Documentation

  • Protect your company in court depositions, DOT audits, insurance audits, etc.
  • Lower CSA scores and reduce other compliance issues
  • Increase your company’s insurability
  • Reduce Workers Comp claims
  • Reduce insurance premiums

Online training management and documentation have saved large transportation companies millions of dollars in insurance costs

How Infinit-I digitally transforms your employee learner performance reporting

Infinit-I tracks every move your employees make within the system

Once a user logs into the system, every action taken within the site is dated, time-stamped, and electronically organized and archived.

Customizable reporting, with company-branded certificates

Your Client Success Team can set-up just about any report you can imagine. Our customizable reporting can give you an entire overview of company-wide training, acknowledgement of company communication, what individuals are past due on training, and other learning-based performance metrics.

Digital certificates, using your company’s logo and name, can be generated for
completed training.

Email notification automation

Email notification can be easily automated, notifying employees and/or their managers of any upcoming training deadlines. Reporting can be automated as well, automatically appearing in your email inbox monthly, quarterly, or more frequently.

Or, use our notification system for unique company reminders such as license renewal dates. One of our clients purchases a new pair of boots for all their employees every two years, and uses Infinit-I’s automated notifications to track who is due for a new pair.

Track annual performance reviews, quarterly check-ins, and annual training

Never lose an employee to expired licenses or incomplete training. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions makes it easy to track quarterly check-ins with departments, annual training reports, and annual performance reviews.

Digital Documentation Testimonial

“[Infinit-I] made [our deposition] a lot easier. Especially when I have a plaintiff’s attorney that is subpoenaing training records. I know that I’ve got everything they need. Amen! to [digital] record keeping. All I have to do is go in and punch a button, and I get whatever I need.”
KLLM Transport
Ricky Parker, Director of Safety

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