Organizations with valued employees outperform those with undervalued employees by 202%*.

The biggest advocates for the success of your business are your employees. Therefore, it is critical for your company to gauge the performance of your workforce and always improve your internal morale. Your employees must feel valued at your company or they will leave: a recent Gallup poll has found that even “engaged” employees are always open to new job opportunities.

The onboarding process acts as your new employee’s roadmap to your business. This “roadmap” guides them on their journey to understanding your company’s expectations, reputation, and goals.

Custom content can be stored in the Infinit-I Workforce Solutions learning management system or the employee resource center. With Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, your employee onboarding process is digitally transformed. Keep your employees loyal, cut cost, and save time with our digital training system.

Features of Infinit-I’s employee digital surveys:

  • Autoschedule and create employee performance reviews
  • Gather company feedback from management, departments, or individual employees
  • Answer employee questions and set up automated notifications

Dynamic digital surveys for employees and managers

Understand your company morale, company culture, and overall employee performance through the use of digital surveys. Every employee survey through Infinit-I is automatically tracked, time-stamped, scheduled, and digitally organized. Employee performance reviews no longer require tedious paperwork and manual processes.

Seeing is Believing

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Importance of engaging employees through digital surveying

  • Create buy in and decrease employee turnover
  • Measure employee engagement
  • Performance reviews
  • Give your employees a voice and make them feel valued
  • Digitize your legal documentation

Pre-Employment Surveys

  • Promote your company brand
  • Improve pre-screening of employees
  • Attract qualified employees
  • Receive accurate reporting on your orientation/onboarding processes
  • When onboarding is improved, HR professionals say that employee engagement rises (SilkRoad)

Post-Employment Surveys

  • Understand why your employees are choosing to leave
  • Find out how you can increase employee retention
  • Digitize your legal documentation
  • Reduce employment “blind spots” and create better retention processes
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