Infinit-I for Business Premium Features

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions’ premium features are built for businesses who are serious about improving their employee productivity.

Infinit-I's Premium Features Include:

Employee Engagement Surveys

Digital employee engagement surveys allow you to easily gauge your company’s morale and make decisions regarding overall employee performance. Digital employee engagement surveys are organized, time-stamped, and automated within our learning management system. Quickly get a grasp on the status of your workforce, and take the guesswork out of building a great company culture.

Digital Productivity Management

Implementing e-checklists enhances employee engagement and improves internal communication for your company. Ensure your employees are working correctly and efficiently with the implementation of a dynamic checklist through Infinit-I Workforce Solutions.

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Infinit-I offers a variety of advanced digital productivity management tools that supplement our powerful employee training software.

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