Warning: Your customers are being told
that insurance is a commodity.

Insurance advertising is spending over four billion dollars a year on advertisements designed to over simplify insurance buying decisions. These commercials are promoting a false narrative: “All insurance is the same; simply buy the cheapest policy.”

This perilous message, once rooted in the business owner’s mind while relaxing at home, spreads across personal and commercial lines policies.

icon handshakeWe Partner with Insurance Brokers.

By partnering with Vertical Alliance Group, you can:

  • Offer your customers another area of expertise
  • Further distinguish yourself and your services
  • Not fall prey to the insurance commodity pitfall

3 Reasons to Introduce the
Infinit-I Workforce System:

Infinit-I Workforce System | Online Employee Training1. Increased Client Retention
It’s very simple: The more lines of business you secure with your client, the higher their retention rate.

2. Improved Customer Relationships
Show the client that you can and want to help them prevent claims before they happen.

3. Reduced belief in the “Commoditized” view of insurance
When clients only view price, you are 100% dispensable. By adding more services and support, price is replaced with added value.

3 Ways We Can Help You

1. Offer a Proven Training & Communication System

Vertical Alliance Group is the expert in corporate communication and safety training. We are known for our:

  • Unique “bite-size” training videos
  • State-of-the-art training system,
  • FasTrac implementation program, and
  • Unmatched customer service

2. Harness a Dedicated Support Team

As a partner with Vertical Alliance Group, you will receive

  • Unmatched account collaboration
  • A dedicated support team
  • Tools built specifically to enhance your client relationships

3. Find Success in Exceptional Service

When you couple our proven process with our customer service team, success is within your reach. You’ll enjoy:

  • Attention to detail and quick response times
  • Guidance every step of the way
  • A team that does the heavy lifting, to make sure you’re successful.

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Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

Training Center:
400 E. Royal Lane, Building 3,
Suite 201, Irving, TX 75039

Texarkana Office:
8055 US-67
Texarkana, AR 71854

Corporate Address:
P.O. Box 780
Texarkana, TX 75504

Client Support:
877-792-3866 ext. 300


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