Jay J. Wommack: CEO of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

Jay J. Wommack is President and CEO of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, formerly known as Vertical Alliance Group. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions provides customizable online training and communication tools to thousands of clients across the country. Jay graduated from Hendrix College in 1978 majoring in accounting and economics. After a brief stint in the banking business, Jay moved to the oil fields in central Texas where he owned and operated a saltwater disposal company. In the early 1980’s, Jay returned to his hometown of Texarkana, TX, where he earned his brokerage license and began an 18-year career as a stockbroker and financial advisor.

Jay produces the #1 website in its unique sector, nationwide

In 1999, Jay got the itch to try something new. The internet was coming on strong and he wanted to get involved. Jay’s work in digital began with his first internet company, known as BubbaJunk. Initially, “BubbaJunk” was intended to be an online classified advertising page, but over time the website became a method of recruiting for trucking companies. Jay sold BubbaJunk in 2011, as the site had become #1 in its sector nationwide. Jay then built up the parent company, Vertical Alliance Group, Inc., which entered the online training industry in 2008. 

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Infinit-I Solutions goes beyond online training

Beyond business development and online training solutions, Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, also known as Vertical Alliance Group, now provides training seminars, consulting and workshop services.

For a number of years, Jay has appeared coast-to-coast in front of businesses, groups, and associations. He is familiar with speaking platforms, but the subject he enjoys sharing most is the business outcomes correlated with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions.

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