The 7 Biggest Threats Facing Trucking Fleets

Do You Have the Tools You Need to Protect Your Company?

Recruitment/Retention was voted the #1 threat to the industry. Want to learn how you can revamp your recruitment to weather the storm? Watch a replay of the Recruitment is Sales webinar to learn proven tips and trips that will help you beat the competition.

Have You Noticed:

  • A lack of commercial vehicles for purchase? 
  • Difficulty recruiting new drivers? 
  • Difficulty retaining the drivers you have?
  • Increased accidents for your drivers?
  • Increased CSA scores? 
  • Insurance rates skyrocketing?
  • An increase in lawsuits and verdict sizes?

You Should Know:

The trucking industry didn’t just change, it had a massive SHIFT. 

Over 3140 trucking companies closed their doors and ceased operations in 2020 in a catastrophic decline for the industry.

But on the flip side a record breaking 60,000 new trucking companies STARTED during this time. 

The industry has gone through a SHIFT and it’s time to adjust or you will be left behind – or worse, go under. 

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is here to help you with a look at the 7 biggest threats facing the new surge of competitive trucking companies . . . and what you need to do to survive

We have been an industry leader in online training for the last 20+ years with over 300,000 trained employees per month and 108+ million delivered training sessions and counting.

On average, we help trucking executives and their businesses achieve. . .

  • An 80% reduction in violations 
  • A 20% reduction in accident rates
  • A 50-70% reduction in training costs

. . . And a slew of other benefits like desirable insurance premiums and reduced shortages, overages, and damages. 

In other words, we know the trucking industry inside and out and have the tools to help guide your business to success.

Watch the video then download the 7 Threats whitepaper to learn how we can help you survive and thrive during this time.

Infinit-I has the tools to help you with the 7 Biggest Threats Facing Trucking Fleets

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