Infinit-I Upgrades: New Gen Platform i3 and Partnership Integration with DriverReach

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Newly revealed enhancements and integrations continue to solidify Infinit-I as the market-leading provider of online training in trucking, student transportation, and warehousing.

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Read about our partnership with Idelic here.

Technological Innovations

We recently released the third generation of our online learning management platform, known as i3. This release was specifically designed to enhance productivity, access, retention, and interoperability.  This was made possible for the convenience of our rapidly growing client base, which now numbers more than 1,500 companies and 300,000 users.

View the full Press Release here.

“i3 is fundamentally different than any learning platform on the market. The content is delivered in stunning ultra-high definition. Assigning a year’s worth of classes is as simple as a few clicks. And it’s all accessible through a mobile app or through one of our many integrated partners. Our user base is going to love this!”

– Lindsay Presely

To create this experience, the i3 platform is delivering via the Infinit-I Player, an exciting proprietary technology which is actually six players in one for delivery of all media: PDFs, Streaming, Mp4, Youtube, Vimeo, and iSpring.

What that means for users:

  • Expanded Presentation Options
  • Upload your existing that may have been previously incompatible. Our system now supports a much larger array of media types.
  • Stunning Content Quality
  • Our content is created in 1080HD. Users will enjoy high-quality video and sounds, directly to their computer, laptop, or mobile device.
  • Extremely Fast
  • The new player optimizes bandwidth for fast downloads and streaming. The Mp4 player downloads pieces of content at a time for immediate and continuous viewing.

pexels pixabay 4158With Infinit-I, you can easily deliver internal communication and on-going training to your entire workforce. At the touch of a button, assign existing PDFs, training videos, live or recorded townhalls from within i3.

Our training platform is now even more accessible than ever before. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is now available on Google Play and the Apple store. Your workforce will enjoy the convenience of our mobile-friendly platform, designed for on the go use.


We are excited to announce our newest technology partnerships with DriverReach, a life-cycle management provider. Multi-system communication allows you to easily formulate action plans for performance enhancement across your enterprise from a central location. Synchronized reporting streamlines your workload so you can work smarter. Better. Faster.

“Most of our market must have access to the most current and relevant information available in every format possible. Our platform has answered both the format needs with the Infinit-I Player and the deliverability requirements with apps and integrations.”

– Jay Wommack, CEO of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

Driver Reach

We recently partnered with DriverReach, the fastest-growing leader in driver life-cycle management and applicant tracking. DriverReach is ideal for the organizational management of Infinit-I’s clients.


DriverReach is a recruiting and compliance management system for companies that want to streamline the onboarding process. Their system allows drivers to complete a mobile DOT application that feeds directly into a full-service applicant tracking system. As soon as your prospects are hired, a profile will automatically be created in the Infinit-I system.

DriverReach improves the hiring process by simplifying the applicants’ experience. Combine their speed-to-hire capabilities with Infinit-I online orientation service, your drivers can onboard before they ever reach the terminal.

The CEO and Founder of DriverReach, Jeremy Reymer, said, “As a life-long member of the Indiana Motor Truck Association, I’ve seen a lot of things come and go. When we selected Infinit-I for our integration program, it was because they have the longest track record – in this industry – of delivering results. Their offering matched perfectly with DriverReach for tracking the full life-cycle of every driver.


Innovative Solutions

These new capabilities and integrations continue to make Infinit-I even easier to use. Forward-thinking, proactive strategies, and continual improvement are what make Infinit-I the most preferred LMS in this space.

How do we know?

pexels andrew wilus 5516301Our clients rave about Infinit-I’s ability to reduce accidents and turnover while improving the driver experience. They watch their CSA score drop. They save thousands in fuel costs. They bring awareness to their employees, behaviors positively change, and their safety culture flourishes.

Then they tell their colleagues, and those colleagues tell their connections, and those connections call us. We have experienced exponential growth in our network of strategically focused safety professionals through client referrals over the past few years.

It is through these connections Infinit-I has easily become the most referred provider in this space. We currently service 300,000+ users and have delivered 7 million safety training courses this year. To us, that’s 7 million opportunities to enhance driver performance and get them home safely.

If you are not currently in partnership with Infinit-I, consider entering into our care, counsel, and protection by becoming a client of ours. Take the small step of entering into a complimentary trial.

Current Clients: Together, we can make this industry the safest it has ever been. Help us spread the word. Think of your connections, your colleagues, former employers, trade show connections, and those who are dedicated to the safety of the trucking industry.

We are looking for strategic leaders with a safety culture mindset. Visionary leadership who strive for unparalleled business outcomes and bring awareness to their employees.

Tell us about them here. If we don’t currently have a relationship with their business, we will let them use Infinit-I free for 30 days as a gift from you.



About Infinit-I

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is the industry leader in on-demand business education for safety training anytime, anywhere. With more than 1,000 expert videos, our training platform reduces accidents, violations, employee turnover, and training costs to make your business more profitable and litigation-proof for the long-haul. You will be in good company as our solutions are used by more than 1,500 clients across 300,000 users across Trucking (For Hire and Private Fleets), Student Transportation (School Systems and Private Bussing), and Warehouse Management. For more information about Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, visit


About DriverReach

DriverReach’s modern recruiting and compliance management system provides a better applicant experience and dramatically improves speed-to-hire. A mobile-friendly DOT application feeds directly into a full-service ATS with email and text functionality, streamlining the process of qualifying drivers so companies can Hire. Better. Faster. As an American Trucking Association Corporate Partner, DriverReach is dedicated to improving the hiring process for drivers and carriers alike. For more information, or to request a test drive, visit


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