Trucking Safety in a Time of Pandemic

A Trucker washes his hands with soap | trucking safety during a pandemic

With most of the world panicking over the rapidly spreading Coronavirus, it is important to take a level-headed approach to keep your business and your workforce safe. Here’s how you can promote trucking safety during a pandemic.

How is COVID-19 affecting the trucking industry?

Supply chains are in an awkward place as consumers are stockpiling supplies while stores are reducing operations or closing altogether. While this affects the trucking industry, the continued demand for goods means trucking companies are positioned well. The important thing is to keep calm and stay safe.

The Business Impact of Pandemic

While some fleets have stopped their routes temporarily, others have kept right on trucking. The implications of this decision will vary for each company so keeping an open line of communication throughout the supply chain is crucial. 

The silver lining of delays: your drivers now have more time to complete their important safety training modules.

The trucking companies who emerge from this crisis will be the ones with a robust safety training program that protects the companies and the drivers from exposure–both to business risks and to the virus.

Watch this video for tips and tricks on how your trucking company can navigate through the Coronavirus crisis.

Keeping the Workforce Safe

Over the road drivers already practice social distancing by the nature of their jobs. However, there are some best practices to avoid exposure to the virus and stay healthy:

  • • At truck stops, use wet wipes or tissues when touching surfaces such as fuel pumps and doorknobs.
  • • Wash hands when entering and exiting restrooms. 
  • • When possible, don’t touch doors, counter tops, or other surfaces.
  • • Cough or sneeze into a tissue, then throw away immediately. If no tissue is available, cough or sneeze into an elbow and wash the garment as soon as possible.
  • • Limit proximity with other people as much as possible. Try to stay at least six feet apart.

Keep Calm and Truck On

It is easy to panic when you hear the word pandemic, but it is important to keep calm. Mass panic has caused stocks to crash once already and could cause much more damage to people and businesses if left unchecked. 

Communicate often (virtually) and set the tone of leadership for all your business partners to ensure as little disruption as possible. You will reap the rewards once the panic is over. 

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