6 Steps to Improve ROI for Trucking Companies

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Improve ROI for Trucking Companies

Growing your business isn’t just about earning money. You have to spend money to start growth, which means you need to look at the Return on investment (ROI) for each of those expenses. Each purchase decision you make should lead you closer to your company goals.

Incorporating a secure, online training and communications tool like Infinit-I for your company could improve your overall ROI and lead you towards those goals. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions can help you strengthen weak spots, stop money leaks, and empower innovation and leadership.

We have seen through years of experience in the transportation industry, that all aspects of the business tie together, even if they don’t seem to connect at first. For example, your driver-dispatcher relationships can have a significant impact on your profits.

6 ROI Improvements

With the right communication and training tools, you can help everyone in your company listen, learn, understand, change unwanted behaviors, and contribute toward company goals. Infinit-I provides solutions for trucking companies that improve your ROI in six basic ways.

1.      Streamline Onboarding, Training, and Documentation

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions can help you through many levels in the hiring process. Using our system, you can communicate with new hires, set up pre-orientation training, and start off with a professional impression. With Infinit-I, you can:

  • Screen potential drivers with training materials to complete before hiring them.
  • Attract quality drivers by showing you are serious about training, proper driving habits, and follow-through.
  • Train drivers without the hassle of pulling them in for on-site training using our online training system.
  • Save money on training costs by not spending it on training drivers can’t or won’t attend.
  • Securely and automatically document all completed training for easy access whenever it’s needed.
  • Provide a message portal for each driver with customized training based on their needs.
  • Securely upload documentation for benefits, HR info, etc. for easy access.
  • Provide welcome messages to give new hires a glimpse at what the job looks like.

You will also save money on training supplies, refreshments, staff hours, driver time off-road, etc. that would be required for on-site training.

2.      Reduce Accidents, Violations, & Insurance Costs

The Infinit-I system is designed to create and inspire behavioral changes in your employees. Irregular, long meetings will not help inspire this change.

Providing frequent, consistent, ongoing training through the year will help keep these important topics top of mind for your drivers and other employees. The system provides training in short videos that make it easier for users to comprehend and remember the information.

With this consistent training, you will start to see a difference in driver behavior leading to reduced accident, incidents, and violations, which will trickle down to mitigating rising insurance costs.

3.      Protect Against Costly Litigation

When something goes wrong on the road, proper documentation is your best defense in court. You don’t want to waste time digging through piles of paperwork, hoping you have all the documentation you need.

Using the Infinit-I system will help you feel confident you’ve done everything you can to prevent accidents and incidents. The automatic reporting and documentation features allow you to prove this.

Remember, if it’s not written, signed, and dated, it didn’t happen.

All our training modules are automatically documented once drivers complete it, and the training documentation is admissible in court. Our clients have already found this automatic documentation useful in court cases as it allowed them to prove due diligence.

The documentation is downloadable, printable, and at your fingertips when you need it.

4.      Develop a Culture of Safety

Our system works with drivers’ lifestyles by providing the training you need while giving them the convenience to access it whenever is best for them. Drivers can access training on any device with an internet connection and complete short, relevant, memorable videos.

These videos are effective for teaching new behaviors, but they also encourage drivers to dig into their own skills and understanding for continued improvements. With the Infinit-I system, you can give 100% of your drivers access to the training they need.

Online training shows your dedication to recruiting and retaining highly skilled professional drivers, and helps you create and improve the skills your company needs. With Infinit-I, you’re not just fixing problems, you’re building a culture of safety.

5.      Create a Comprehensive Training Program

The transportation industry is ever-changing. Infinit-I provide 850+ videos with expert information, and the videos are updated regularly. The training covers hundreds of topics and we stay informed on changes to quickly provide new training on FMCSA, DOT, and regional regulations as they come up.

We can also help you implement custom content to deal with issues specific to your company. We help you keep your drivers ahead of the curve- not just trying to keep up.

6.      Customize Training and Messaging

If drivers provide input and feel ignored, they are less likely to stick around. Good communication within your company reduces turnover and saves you on hiring costs or dealing with a job not done well.

With Infinit-I, you can create custom training and messaging that speaks directly to your drivers. You can generate content that speaks directly to questions or concerns that arise. With immediate access to this content, drivers will see that you hear their input, and will feel like they have a say in your company goals.

Improve Training, Improve Your Business

Try a free demo of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions today. Experience the difference in your ROI with improved driver hiring and retention, increased safe practices, and a streamlined business.

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