6 Steps to Improve ROI for Trucking Companies—the Right Way

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Improve ROI for Trucking Companies

At the end of the day, if you’re not earning money, your business isn’t growing. Leaders like you are continually looking for ways to improve ROI for trucking companies. But you also need to keep drivers happy, think about the overall health of your business environment, and grow your people.

How do you improve the bottom line without merely reacting to the bottom line?

Introducing a secure, online training and communications tool for your trucking company could be a gamechanger.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions integrates with your unique business to improve ROI for trucking companies — the right way. We help you strengthen weak spots, stop money leaks, and empower YOU to innovate and lead.

We have seen through years of experience in transport that all aspects of the business tie together, even if they don’t seem to connect at first. For example, how often would you connect your ROI with your driver-dispatcher relationship? We listen to truckers, and we listen to business owners. Then we develop communication tools that are mutually beneficial and help everyone on your team listen, learn, understand, change unwanted behaviors, and contribute to the company.

Our online solutions for trucking companies improve your ROI in 6 basic ways:

1 – Streamline Onboarding, Training, and Documentation

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions works on many levels in the hiring process, making driver communication easier, and making a highly professional impression. It allows you to

  • • Screen potential drivers by sending training materials to complete before hiring
  • • Attract quality drivers by showing you’re serious about training, excellent driving habits, and follow-through.
  • • Train drivers wherever they are instead of hauling them in for on-site training
  • • Not waste money or time on training that drivers can’t or won’t attend
  • • Securely, automatically document all completed training in a secure cloud system
  • • Provide a message portal for each driver with customized training depending on what they haul
  • • Securely upload benefits, HR info, and other documents for easy driver access
  • • Upload customized “day in the life of” videos, so potential hires have a crystal clear understanding of the job

Finally, you’ll save the considerable expenses of on-site training, which include:

  • • Training materials/supplies
  • • Refreshments
  • • Staff hours
  • • Driver time spent NOT hauling

2 – Reduce Accidents, Violations & Insurance Costs

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is designed to inspire and create behavioral changes in your truck drivers. It’s not in big, long meetings four times a year where you really see change. That’s just not how the human brain works. Bit by bit, day by day, by consistency and repetition—that’s where you’ll see the difference in driver behavior, reducing accidents, incidents, and violations, and mitigating the rise of insurance costs.

3 – Documentation Protects You from Costly Litigation

When something has gone wrong on the road, and the pressure is on to defend yourself in court, the last thing you want to do is dig through piles of paperwork, hoping that nothing slipped through the cracks.

First of all, you need to be confident that you’ve done everything you can to prevent accidents and incidents and protect the motoring public. If you have done your due diligence, you need to prove it. When it comes to the courtroom:

If it’s not written down and signed, it didn’t happen.

All our training modules, once completed by your drivers, are immediately and automatically documented in a secure cloud-based system. Importantly, they are admissible in court. Our clients have used our documentation in court cases to prove due diligence when defending themselves against lawsuits. It is downloadable, printable, and at your fingertips when you need it.

4 – Drive Safety Culture Behaviors

Our system works with drivers’ lifestyles by providing the training you require at a place and time that works for them. Drivers can access training on our own device in the form of short, relevant, memorable videos. Videos effectively teach but also encourage drivers to dig into their own skills and savvy to harness their own potential to improve. And 100% of your drivers receive the training they need.

Anytime, anywhere, training also makes driver training easy, and the ability to keep training frequent keeps important topics top of mind. Online training shows your dedication to highly skilled professional drivers for the long haul and helps you create and improve those skills. You’re not just fixing problems; you’re building a culture of safety.

5 – Gain and Give Access to Comprehensive Training

Trucking is an ever-changing industry. With over 800 videos in both English and Spanish created by experts, we cover hundreds of topics and add a new one every month. We stay ahead of the curve with quick turn-around time for training on new FMCSA, DOT, and regional regulations as they emerge, and we can create custom material as you need it. We keep drivers ahead of the curve—not just trying to keep up.

We also regularly assess our videos to make sure they still look and sound fresh. Training content that feels out of date makes you look out of touch. We’re dedicated to keeping up with drivers’ needs today.

6 – Customize Training and Messaging

If drivers complain, get upset, or suggest an improvement, and nothing happens, they feel ignored and are less likely to stick around. Good communication reduces turnover and saves you on hiring costs, plus the cost of jobs not well done.

Create custom training and messaging that speaks directly to your drivers. If they present a problem or a concern to you, Infinit-I Workforce Solutions lets you generate content to specifically address those issues. When drivers see that you hear their concerns and, using their feedback, improve the business, you’re building priceless loyalty and relationship capital, as well as saving money by finding better ways to help drivers be their best on the road.

Try a free demo of Infiniti-I Workforce Solutions. Experience the difference in your ROI when you improve driver hiring and retention, increase safe driving practices, and streamline your trucking business with a single time-tested tool.

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