Records. Records. Records. The Key to Mitigate Risk

mitigate risk

You’re in a risky business. Every business has moving parts, but yours weigh several tons and are rolling down the road at 60+ miles per hour. Every business has financial risks, but yours include millions in cargo, as well as serious health and safety hazards. Your risks can lead to devastating financial losses, as well as the loss of human life. Find out how keeping up with the paperwork helps to manage and mitigate risk.

Records. Records. Records. The Key to Mitigate Risk

If any business wants to talk about risk, they should be talking to a good trucking company.

The best way to manage and mitigate risk is to improve your safety practices. But to really make a safety program work the way it should, you’ve got to keep up with the paperwork. Not only do solid records keep track of who needs training, who gets training, and when, it’s the only thing that can prove you’ve done it. When risks lead you to an accident, incident, or inspection:

If it’s not signed, dated, or you can’t find it, it didn’t happen.

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Here are a couple of examples.

Showing up in court

Let’s say your company is involved in an accident and gets sued. This isn’t some far-off scenario, as you know — it happens all the time the industry. In this case, the plaintiff and attorneys will want to know: Was the driver involved properly trained? Was he/she trained on the relevant issues? When did training happen? Did he/she pass?  

No matter how good your training program, the court will assume training never happened if you don’t have irrefutable records. They have to deduce that training didn’t happen when you cannot produce proof. And then you’re liable. Liability leaves room for tens of millions of dollars in losses.

However, if you’ve trained your drivers well, and you’ve got the records ready to show in court, you can prove you’ve done your due diligence. You’re showing that your company did everything it could do. You’ve protected road safety by properly training your drivers, and by documenting training, you’ve protected yourself. You’ve closed the loop.

DOT audits

When you’re undergoing a DOT audit, DOT may find that some of your drivers are operating unsafely. If that’s the case, it raises yellow or red flags. Your company may be put on a watch list. That could get you in trouble with law enforcement, insurance, and business partners if you don’t improve training. 

Again, no matter how good your training is, or how hard you’ve worked to improve it, DOT will require records to prove that your drivers have been trained. This mitigates your liability in the eyes of DOT and protects you from fiscal, legal, and social risks to your business and reputation. 

Even if you get on that watch list, or were on it at some point, you can raise your status by demonstrating in black and white how your company has improved.

OSHA investigations

If you think the risks are all on the road, think again. A trucking company employs more than just drivers, and drivers do more than drive trucks. Every part of your company which involves significant physical risk needs safety training, and every aspect of safety training needs the same level of legal protection. 

Protect training records for your maintenance dept, warehouses, forklifts — any area where employees are required to follow OSHA regulations. If you’re called up and investigated for a violation, like a ladder accident or a failure to apply first aid, they want to know: Have you trained your employees? Prove it.

Make the difference

We want to see “Safety culture for the win” become the slogan for North American trucking. It’s all about companies being able to do their due diligence (and even go above and beyond) and then prove it. That way, the roads are safer, lives are saved, and companies grow. And when unwanted incidents do happen, a prepared company can greatly reduce or eliminate punitive damages and fines that come their way. 

That’s why records are key. But knowing it is one thing. Pulling it together is another.

It’s way too easy to lose track of training records. You’ve got dozens of drivers working for you (maybe some employees, some owner-operators), plus employee turnover, files, and papers changing hands, changing safety regulations, and the fast pace of business. Sign-in sheets can be altered. Papers can be lost. 

How do you ensure that every single training record for each driver is signed, dated, not tampered with, and exactly where you can find it when you need it?

This is where Infinit-I Workforce Solutions can help. All our trucker training modules are time-stamped, recorded, and held in a third party server. They’re extremely secure, easily retrieved, and not possible to alter in any way. Our records have been produced in court more than once to help defend a company. 

Along with training content related to driving, we also offer content to help you ace OSHA regulations, such as:

  • • Personal protective equipment
  • • Use of power tools
  • • Forklift safety
  • • Lockout / Tagout
  • • Heat stress
  • • Confined space entry
  • • Blood-born pathogens

That’s just to name a few. And when you send content to employees, you’ve got an automatic record of what they do with it. If there are problems with completion, you’ll know it, and you can remediate right away. Records are truly the key to mitigating risk!

We’ve built a system that integrates with your business, customized to your needs, to build a better safety culture. Safety culture is the foundation of success in the freight business. We’ve seen that time and time again. How can we do that for you?

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