How Our System Helps Meet DOT Compliance Standards

DOT compliance

From emissions standards and road rules to smart driving technology, keep your trucking fleet up to date on the most current DOT compliance standards. As the trucking industry rapidly changes, Infinit-I Workforce Solutions exists to help you not miss a beat.

How Our System Helps Meet DOT Compliance Standards

How do DOT changes affect your operations?

The official launch of a new DOT regulation only comes once every other year or so. However, new rules are always up for proposal. DOT is constantly rethinking how to optimize road rules to optimize safety and how to integrate new safety and emissions technologies. You can’t read their minds. But you do have to stay flexible and able to adapt driver behavior to the latest developments. 

Remember when the word about ELDs first started circulating? That required an overhaul of the way you had been doing things. Most changes will not be that dramatic, but you will always need time to prepare for new regulations. 

Remember: Hundreds of DOT regulations mean hundreds of possible violations. This has legal and financial ramifications. If your driver is caught using a handheld phone, a ticket for that driver is over $2,000, and over $10,000 for the company. Some of the violations aren’t as obvious and might be easy to forget or dismiss. For example, do all your drivers know it’s against the law to have a crack in the windshield or to have something sitting on the dash? Do they comply?

How long does it take to train drivers?

That depends on you. This is also where Infinit-I Workforce Solutions comes in.

With our platform, if there are new regulations being pushed out by DOT, Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is the perfect way to implement policies in a methodical, documented way. With our cloud-based system, you’re keeping track of who you’re training, when, how frequently, and with which modules. 

When a driver completes training, that record is automatically timestamped and archived. You select the training deadline to correspond with the urgency of policy implementation. You may need compliance immediately, or you may want to begin training well ahead of time, implementing several pieces of training to encourage retention. 

With Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, you can target a new policy, and then test drivers on their knowledge of it right away.

How has our system proven effective?

We work on the principle that less is more: when training takes less time, you can do more of it. 

Here’s how it works. 

Many driver training systems operate solely on a learning principle that’s not well-suited to the human brain. Sitting in a room for eight hours, sometimes days in a row is not the ideal way to learn and retain new information. The average attention span before the mind wanders is eight seconds! Additionally, while your drivers are in class learning, they are not on the road generating revenue.

If you’re remediating or reviewing DOT compliance standards drivers should already know, the process can seem even more tedious. But staying sharp on this material is non-negotiable. Just because you’ve always done it this way doesn’t mean you have to.

We don’t replace in-person training; we increase overall training effectiveness. There are some things that can only be done in-person. Meeting people, cultivating relationships, staying in touch with drivers on a more personal level, and hands-on training all require an element of on-site training. You can’t learn to drive an 18-wheeler watching a video. You’ve got to be in it. 

DOT compliance standards require constant safety reminders. This is where we focus. We have over 700 engaging, ready-made videos to assist drivers in honing all the skills necessary to meet DOT compliance standards and remember new regulations, without having to lose road time or days off every time. 

What’s new today will be a required basic skill tomorrow, from changing lanes properly, to backing a rig correctly, to driving without distractions. Frequency is key, but frequently taking drivers off the road for training isn’t realistic or desirable. Our content helps drivers with those basic skills. Most of our content is safety-reminding.

How to target training for compliance

If you need drivers to understand new policies and comply with their demands, it’s key to train in a way that is:

  • Flexible
  • Consistent
  • Frequent
  • Memorable 

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is flexible because you have control of your training schedule while giving drivers more freedom. Select from over 800 micro-learning modules to train drivers online, wherever they are, whatever time of day they’re able to log in. Instead of setting a mandatory day, give options, and set a timeframe for completion.

It’s consistent because it puts the power in your hands to create a training schedule in which 100% attendance is actually realistic. You can send the same DOT compliance training to every single driver, without exception, because it’s based on an online platform rather than reliant on in-person training alone. “No driver left behind!”

It increases frequency because, instead of training in large blocks, you’re training in 5-7 minute intervals, as often as you like. Compare 50% of drivers at training 4x a year with 100% of drivers at training on the same topics 1x or more per month.

It’s memorable because our videos are up-to-date, engaging, and our training materials are customizable to be tailored to your needs. You could create a custom video, for example, with your CEO or Safety Director directly addressing all your drivers. The micro-learning technique also keeps each lesson short and sweet: 

Short, repeated reminders are simply more effective than large blocks of information given infrequently.

Finally, you need to prove you’re doing your due diligence with DOT standards, for insurance companies, and for the courtroom. With automatic documentation and timestamp for each completed training module, that’s not a problem anymore.  

Ready to try a free demo of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions? Our staff is standing by to connect you with the customized training solution that works for you and your drivers. Email, call, or visit us today!

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