How Our System Helps Reduce Driver Turnover

How Our System Helps Reduce Driver Turnover

Driver turnover is no joke. These days it’s at 80% and higher, across the country. Drivers are leaving with such frequency it’s hard for trucking companies to keep up. Even high-paying companies struggle to keep drivers.

It’s not just that drivers are being picky. (Though the fact is, they can afford to be!) There are real issues at stake that make the difference between staying or going, whether it’s a single make-or-break problem, slipped communication, or frustrations that add up over time.

But no matter how it looks now, “HR” is not just another word for “damage control.” Infinit-I can help you go from playing defense to playing offense by giving you the tools you need to gain crucial insight into driver dissatisfaction and implement visible and effective change right away.

Here are 6 ways you can reduce driver turnover:

1 . Turn exit interviews into better managers

Why are drivers are leaving you to go elsewhere? Just ask them. This is the first step in going from defense to offense!

Then pass us that feedback, and we’ll help turn it around. The Infinit-I system can host custom training for your management, based on the issues drivers are concerned about most. Your solution is tailor-made to the reports, your training modules keyed into your drivers’ questions and concerns. No guessing. No waiting until it’s too late and you’ve lost twenty more drivers over the same issues.


2 . Create custom content for drivers

You need to get in where the drivers are and speak to them directly, too. You can try to have individual conversations with drivers, or call a group meeting. But that spends a lot of time and money on parked trucks, and you’re not likely to get even most of your drivers there. Don’t settle for piecemeal problem-solving!

Infinit-I can work with you to create digital content that communicates clearly and consistently to drivers— 100% of your drivers, no matter where they are. Based on the issues you want to cover, you can lay out a timeframe for change, practical steps, and what you need from drivers. Give them a heads’ up, and put the tools in their hands.

The Infinit-I system also documents what you provided and records completion of training.


3 . Train dispatchers to communicate more effectively

Dispatchers are the main touchpoint between your company and your drivers. If they’re not doing a good job and drivers aren’t getting what they need, you will have fewer happy drivers—and fewer drivers, period.

Your drivers come from diverse backgrounds and range from Baby Boomers to Millennials. Our clients use Infinit-I to create custom training for dispatchers to meet drivers where they are. We can help you teach them the skills they need to up their communications game with new practical techniques, dos and don’ts, and increased awareness of what drivers need.


4 . Increase driver confidence

By using Infinit-I to communicate and provide customized training to management, drivers, and dispatchers, you’re showing:


  • You pay attention to driver concerns.


  • You take the trouble to meet drivers where they are.


  • You’re not satisfied for drivers to feel alone and disconnected.




Drivers who feel taken care of are drivers who stay. You’re making it your goal for 100% of your drivers to receive excellent, clear communication 100% of the time, and you’re taking the initiative to make it happen. You’re a company that’s in tune with drivers and able to meet their needs effectively.


5 . Meet REALLY specific needs

Here’s a great example of how some of our clients have used Infinit-I to address really specific driver needs:

What do you do about delivery points at difficult locations? Imagine you’ve got a driver making a delivery in downtown Manhattan, New York City. If you leave it up to the GPS, your drivers may find themselves in literal tight spots way too often. If you’ve got to call the police and the city to help turn a truck around, you’ve got a stressed and frustrated driver who’s just had a bad day, wasted time on the road, and extra expenses slapped on to your budget. Some of our clients with this issue have resolved it by creating custom training content for entering and exiting delivery points.

Every driving job has its unique challenges. If you’re giving drivers tough jobs, give them relevant training. Supported, successful drivers are drivers who stay.


6 . Prescreen drivers in the onboarding process

Get the right drivers at onboarding, and you’ve saved yourself a lot of trouble. No one can predict the future, but you can put some screening tools in place that help you and applicants know who’s a good fit.

Here are a couple of examples:

Send a training video to test preliminary knowledge. Some applicants may fail the test. Some may not even bother to complete the video. If so, you already know this person isn’t likely to be the person you want. Show you’re serious about getting the right person.

Provide a “Day in the Life of” video or document. These documents show a realistic, honest picture of what the day-to-day life in a specific trucking job looks like. Just because a person has a CDL doesn’t mean he or she is going to love the job you’re offering. Don’t let there be frustrating surprises once someone is already hired: “Oh, I didn’t know it was going to be like this…”

Only a well-matched driver is likely to stay on. Infinit-I can help you put more square pegs into square holes right from the start.

Drivers need support! Strengthen their connection with your company, by keeping everyone in the same loop and working toward the same goals.

Only you can make the change your trucking company needs. We communicate it. Sign up for your free live demo of Infinit-I today and see what we’re talking about!

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