Choosing a Learning Management System

Compare Key Features When Choosing a Learning Management System

Selection of a learning management system isn’t something a business can take lightly. With training budgets into the millions at larger companies, learning and development is a serious investment. Choosing a content management solution for your business is a big decision that affects many stakeholders. To ensure you make an informed decision, consider the following features of efficient learning training systems.

Learning management system audit

Any new learning management system providers should offer to assess your current situation. If they do not propose running a report, it shows a lack of confidence in their product. Though most providers claim to save you money, few will take the time to show you how. A custom report explains how a provider makes your company more profitable. Prospects of the Infinit-I Workforce System, for example, receive a detailed program assessment.

Improve productivity with API integration

A learning management system in isolation has limited capability. Therefore, API integration is crucial for any effective content solution, in 2018. Without API integration, your learning management system cannot share information with your company’s other tools. This flaw hinders your productivity. When choosing a content solution, only browse options that highlight API integration features.

A fully customizable training platform

Keep a watchful eye for hidden fees. Many providers charge their clients with hidden and expensive set-up fees for customization. Some providers charge additional fees for custom training videos. Only select a content solution offering a fully customizable training platform. The Infinit-I Workforce System creates a custom-branded online interface. System clients can upload dozens of custom training pieces at no additional charge.

Consistent addition of new training

Your online training provider should release new training videos on a regular basis. A limited content library is often a sign of outdated information. Instead, select a provider who regularly updates you on industry trends. For example, the Infinit-I Workforce System provides new monthly videos for legislative regulations in the trucking industry.

Hands-on learning management system trial: try before you buy

Beware of any provider that does not offer an in-depth or in-person trial experience of their learning management system. An online demo can hide negative features of a content solution. Companies like Vertical Alliance Group demonstrate confidence in their products by providing hands-on opportunities to explore their products. We host the Engage Event in Dallas, a two-day training, which allows you to test the system along with other clients and potential clients.

Choosing a learning management system for your business should be more straightforward with these key features in mind. Follow these guidelines and get that much closer to selecting the right content solution for your business.

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