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One of the best ways to grow is to continue learning. A quest for greater wisdom can lead to personal growth. Does this same principle apply to groups? When leaders choose to implement it, it’s a resounding yes. In businesses, this desire to continue on a growth path is foundational; it is company culture.

Company culture is a buzzword. Its original intent aimed to represent the company, its values and people. Now, it’s tossed about without much concern for the pertinent weight and purpose. But company culture is more than a hot topic for a hot take. It represents your diligence as a leadership team and that of your employees. Your goals and growth path are more than industry slang.

Learning and development is the best vehicle for implementing large-scale changes. What you roll out through employee training will advance your company’s culture. And online training is the tool to get you there.

Measuring change in company culture

Return on investment is vital to the growth of any organization. In 2016, training budgets ranged from $300,000 to more than $13 million worldwide. The return on that investment has to be significant. Drucker said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,” and it’s often true. But when it comes to concepts like company culture and soft skills, things are a little different.

Culture change is measurable, but it takes a large spoon and significant patience. It does not occur overnight. Indicators of adoption of new company culture will show up in:

  • the galvanization of teams
  • improved cross-functional communication
  • employees speaking the same language

There won’t be a single, magic “Aha!” moment, but a powerful cultural shift. The impact of the change will be measurable. It may start small with specific departments producing with higher efficiency. Over time, that efficiency leads to higher profitability. As with all change, a decision to move in a new direction has to come from leadership. But how do you get there?

Online training as a company culture cultivation tool

Online training is not new. But more companies are moving to these platforms and applications. These allow for consistent communication, especially for broader initiatives. Learning and development teams can create custom content to help put new ideas in place.

They know what challenges your organization faces. You and your leadership team know where you want to go. Together you can create programs to shift behaviors, creating your ideal company culture.

No more repetitious classes, taking team members away from their other work. In-person training is still necessary at times. But these sessions can be skipped by unwilling employees. Participation in online training is trackable.

Using online training to establish a company culture of learning leads to:

  • unity and a sense of purpose
  • a sense of belonging and ownership of one’s part in the process
  • personal accountability to the company’s broader goals
  • a changed mind and behaviors
  • employee retention
  • empowered employees making creative and innovative decisions

Even traditional industries need innovation and creativity to survive. Employees have to feel empowered to bring forth their best work and to be willing to take reasonable risks. Continuing education opportunities breed empowerment. With more learning comes more confidence. Continuing education modules can be industry- or company-specific.

There are many benefits to prioritizing learning and growth in your company culture. Well-trained employees are efficient. Clear, consistent and truthful communication also boosts morale. Well-trained, well paid, happy employees tend to stay and produce good work. To learn how the Infinit-I Workforce System can help you on the road to better company culture, click here.

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