Webinar Recap: How to Improve Employee Engagement through Online Communication & Training

Employee Engagement with Truck One

For our March 2018 webinar we hosted, Jay Winegardner, CEO of Truck One, and had a lively conversation. He gave tips on how to use the system to create custom content for more effective employee engagement and communication.

To find out how he uses the Infinit-I Workforce System for Trucking to improve his growing fleet, read on.

Webinar Intro: Get to know Truck One

Truck One began as B&L Motor Freight 71 years ago. The company continues to operate as a full truck loader and regular route carrier. They have approximately 50 support employees at their hub. Their fleet consists of almost 200 truck drivers.

Some drivers are employees, others are owner-operators. All must complete Infinit-I Workforce System training. And many of their drivers like the system because of its good information.

Why Use Online Training for Employee Engagement?

Truck One implemented the Infinit-I Workforce System’s online training in 2013. Before then they held an in-person, annual safety meeting. Attendance was mandatory but 25 percent of their drivers still couldn’t attend. The company incentivized attendance with a big dinner and door prizes.

But the nature of the work made it difficult for 100 percent attendance. They also utilized a newsletter and other paper communications. These were always slower ways to inform the fleet. Their Operations Safety Management team also collected a lot of information for them.

Truck One decided to use online training for three main reasons:

  • The organization was growing and they wanted a way to present a cohesive message to everyone.
  • The ability to create custom content.
  • To have training for incidents.

They prepared for the initial rollout by collecting all contact information on paper. The Ops Safety Management team sent reminders of the start date. That same team did the training themselves first to make sure they understood the system. Finally, Winegardner produced a “CEO Message” to give every one of the “why” behind the change.

Winegardner said they didn’t receive much pushback from their team with the transition. When asked about the adoption rate amongst older drivers he said it wasn’t much of an issue. At the outset, they brought in anyone who was wary of training on how to use their devices to access training. He said the accessibility of the training makes it easy to show anyone how to use it.

How Truck One Uses the Inifinit-I Workforce System for Employee Engagement

Truck One uses the Infinit-I Workforce System many ways for employee engagement. Since everything is online, there is access to expansive video resources. Before the switch to online training, training was a personnel-heavy event. Onboarding new hires and the annual safety meeting required the time of many people. Now, those employees spend more time improving their specific areas of responsibility. But they are all able to still meet the needs of the drivers by using the Infinit-I Workforce System.


New hires are able to do Pre-Orientation training in a short time. Winegardner said he can tell which new drivers are serious, “They complete the work in no time.” The Ops Safety Management team uses Orientation Templates to further build out the program. Truck One monitors updates to national regulations and creates new videos as needed.

Corrective Action Training

When it comes to corrective action training, they immediately address any concerns. When a driver has an incident, they receive an email to complete specific modules. The driver expects it based on communication from the Ops Safety Management team. They also know they only have one week to complete the training to remain in good standing.

ELD Mandate

To prepare for the rollout of these devices, a training series exists. The manufacturer of the devices provided it and through API integration, it’s available. The team has immediate access to this information for their current drivers. New hires will be able to complete the training to ensure the fleet is compliant.

Monthly CEO Messages

This is where Winegardner’s use of the Inifinit-I Workforce System excels. Each month he prepares a message for his team. He sees it as a great way to communicate to all employees.

He makes a point to keep this video under five minutes so it’s easy and quick for team members to watch. The message includes:

  • A welcome to new team members and drivers.
  • The new videos available for the month and why each is important.
  • Company updates and announcements.
  • Communications from the support team.
  • Encouragement for everyone to remain safe.

He peppers the message with lots of gratitude and encouragement. He believes this is a hallmark of good leadership.

Advice on Using the Infinit-I Workforce System for Employee Engagement

To wrap up the webinar, Winegardner gave advice for fleets considering online training.

  • For those implementing anew, keep with it. The transition to online training is worthwhile.
  • Be diligent in learning how to use the system to prepare for rollout.
  • Stay with the program and be diligent.
  • Make the work achievable; create short videos to keep driver attention.

He also shared the ways the Infinit-I Workforce System helped improve Truck One.

  • The system documents all completed training and tests. This information is readily accessible at any time.
  • The system has helped the company improve their CSA scores.
  • The team uses system reporting and incident reports to select priority training. This way safety issues can be trained to immediately.

To learn how the Infinit-I Workforce System for Trucking can improve employee engagement for your fleet, request a demo here. If you have questions, contact our team here.

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