How to Create a Uniform & Consistent Training Program with Less Manpower

Custom Content for a Training Program with Less Manpower

As a safety director, you know the value of time. You’re tasked with creating custom content for safety, orientation and onboarding. There never seems to be enough manpower to process all the paperwork. This can make it difficult to track behaviors, which result in corrective action. It’s a serious problem.

Or is it? If your paperwork is offline and you still have to have many face-to-face meetings; yes. But there is a simpler way to create and track the efficacy of your safety programs. The Infinit-I Workforce System for Trucking can lighten your workload.

The Power of an Online Learning Management System

Online learning management systems are more commonplace at transportation companies. Still, many have not learned of the empowering benefits of online training.

The Infinit-I Workforce System for Trucking:

  • Has more than 800 up-to-date, training videos, covering a wide range of trucking topics
  • Is accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Can be set up to meet the needs of your specific team
  • Allows you to view completion/non-completion rates of assigned training modules
  • Sends reminders
  • Can generate automated reporting for those quick, off-the-cuff updates you need
  • Can help improve CSA scores and help insurability rates

One of the best parts of this system is how easy it is to add your own company-created custom content.

Infinit-I Workforce System | Online Employee Training

Why Custom Content?

At Vertical Alliance Group we pride ourselves on taking care of our clients. We know the trucking industry and guide our clients toward best practices. But we don’t know your company’s specific culture.

You have a set of core values that set you apart from other carriers. That message is so singular, it should come from you. Creating custom content allows you to tailor your message to fit your needs.

Your trainer can reach your entire fleet in a short space of time, without taking drivers off the road. By setting up orientation and onboarding as a video series, they free up time. Trainers can focus on developing new materials instead of presenting these sessions.

Do you have an existing live training that you do and curriculum to go with it? You can make bite-sized versions of it and add it to your training library.

You can use it to make videos introducing new leadership team members to the whole company. You can make videos about topics your team is struggling to grasp. You have the power.

What is the value of custom content?

Custom content puts you in the driver’s seat. During a recent webinar, Jay Winegardner, CEO of Truck One, discussed his CEO message. On a monthly basis, Winegardner records a brief message for his team. He discusses news, the latest training topics and what the team needs to work on. Using information available in reporting, he knows exactly what to target. He spoke of how easy it is to make the videos and upload them.

Uniform training also helps create unity within the team. Those who work in support roles at the home base can do the same training as the drivers. There’s no need to worry about training consistency. Your message remains the same and helps everyone move towards the same goals.

employee training software screenshot

How does custom content reach your team?

After you’ve created your custom content, contact your designated Client Services Representative. They will give you specific instructions to upload it and let you know when you can access it.

Once your message or other content is available online, you can make it accessible to your teams. You can even set up groups, allowing certain team members to have access first.

Custom Content Saves Time

Safety team members can work as many hours as the truck drivers they support. With the right tools that work isn’t busy work, it’s effective work. To learn more about the Infinit-I Workforce System for Trucking, click here to request a demo, or call 877-792-3866.

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