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In 2018, the race for qualified candidates is on, no matter the industry. There is a growing need for well-trained, skilled labor; manufacturing has seen a resurgence in importance, as well as oil and gas. Transportation, with its security and good pay, is gaining in popularity as well.

Trucking fleets move more than 70 percent of domestic freight tonnage each year, meaning there is a great need for skilled operators. It’s a good time to be a driver, as the driver shortage means companies are competing for top talent, as evidenced by extremely high turnover, currently at 95 percent. All of these factors affect training budgets, as the costs associated with in-person employee training continue to increase. How can trucking companies retain and maintain a well-trained fleet?

Online training has become a valuable resource, helping companies save both time and money. And employment research has found that excellent orientation and onboarding may be one of the major keys to employee retention. Although transportation companies turn to online training to remain up-to-date with FMCSA changes and new internal policies, many do not know orientation and onboarding can be conducted online.

Online training for orientation and onboarding

Made aware of the many benefits of onboarding, more and more companies choose to have their drivers participate in this experience. Most drivers decide within 72 hours of their orientation if they will remain with their new employer. The key here is that a company wants the potential employee to gain the most knowledge and come away with a positive experience in their training session. This will help get the new driver on the road faster and safer.

Orientation is the first step in the ongoing onboarding process, which helps new employees become accustomed to their new employer. It gives a sense of the company’s culture and community, who supports them back at the hub. It’s important to present some of this during the initial orientation, as these are the factors that will help keep new drivers on a team.

Deciding to utilize an online training suite for this process has multiple benefits, including:

  1. Drivers retain information.

    Often with orientation, there is an overwhelming amount of paperwork and new information to process. With the information presented in smaller bursts of content, it’s more readily received and recalled when needed.

  2. Uniform employee training.

    Instead of having to worry about booking a speaker who may or may not stay on script and make changes to their presentation, this information can be recorded once and shared multiple times. And since the company is truly in the driver’s seat, this information can be updated and expanded as needed.

  3. Accelerate the process.

    The company can create simple, easy-to-digest orientation videos, which new hires can complete quickly. Using this method, a number of companies have cut orientation down from two or three days to as little as two hours!

  4. Faster start times for drivers.

    With less time spent on orientation, new hires can be on the road quicker than ever, moving freight and earning money.  Allowing new hires to get behind the wheel in such a timely manner, can give a better impression of the company and help motivate them to remain.

  5. Less revenue lost.

    With drivers on the road faster and safer, businesses can keep moving.

Practical savings of online training

It’s one thing to say online training is a valuable investment but another thing to show the proof. What do the savings actually look like when added up? On average, utilizing an online format for driver onboarding can save a company up to $1,000 per hire. How? Here’s the breakdown:

Instructor’s salary:


Hotel accommodation:




Training materials:


Idle equipment:


Lost revenue from driver off the road:





In addition to saving $1,000 per hire, there is considerable time gained by all involved which allows time to focus on other areas of the business. Safety and risk management teams will surely appreciate these benefits. The accounting department will like it too.

The Infinit-I Workforce System for Trucking allows companies to customize their training programs, in addition to accessing more than 750 videos created to keep fleets rolling. The online training in this robust system can be enhanced with a company-specific orientation, and onboarding process, to welcome new drivers and other employees to the team. To learn more, click here to request a demo or call at 866.904.5087.

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