FSMA Sanitary Transportation Training from the FDA Added to the Infinit-I Workforce System

fsma sanitary transportation training from the fda added to the infinit i workforce system

Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. is committed to ensuring you have access to new training videos on a monthly basis. This month we added four training videos for use on the Infinit-I Workforce System. The videos are a compilation of the FDA’s recently released approved training for transportation companies on the Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA) Sanitary Transportation Rule.

Online Safety Training for Truck Drivers CatalogCross-Contamination
Length: 9:20
This video defines cross-contamination, discusses some of the ways it can happen, and instructs on ways to prevent it.
Section: Trucking Industry
Module: FSMA

Types of Contamination
Length: 8:38
This video discusses some types and sources of contamination.
Section: Trucking Industry
Module: FSMA

Temperature Control
Length: 9:51
This video discusses the types of food requiring temperature control and how to prevent temperature abuse.
Section: Trucking Industry
Module: FSMA

Sanitary Transportation Rule
Length: 11:37
This video discusses the Sanitary Transportation Rule, who it applies to, and many of its critical elements.
Section: Trucking Industry
Module: FSMA

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