Visit Booth 726 at the Truckload Carriers Association

10 Reasons to Visit Booth 726 at the Truckload Carriers Association Meeting

Are you throwing away money in parts of your business because your training program isn’t efficient as it should be?  Checkout these 10 reasons you’ll want to stop by the Vertical Alliance Booth and learn more about online training…

10. Learn How to Reduce Insurance Premiums  Companies using Infinit-i Workforce System have reduced their insurance premiums by 4.3%.*
9. Get New Drivers on the Road Faster  Companies using Infinit-I Workforce System have cut the length of their driver orientation in half.*
8. Decrease Your Risk of Costly Lawsuit Judgements  Infinit-I Workforce System provides provable tracking for driver correspondence and training and helps companies beat one of the top reasons trucking companies face big lawsuit judgements.  Remember, “If it’s not signed.  If it’s not dated.  If it’s not in writing.  If you can’t find it.  It simply didn’t happen.”
7. Reduce Driver Accidents  Companies using Infinit-I Workforce System have decreased accidents by 17%.*
6. Increase Driver Retention  Companies using Infinit-I Workforce System have reported increasing their driver retention by 50%.*
5. Decrease Maintenance Expenses  Companies using Infinit-I Workforce System have reported cutting down their maintenance and tire expenses by 14%.*
4. Reduce Your OS&D Claims  Carriers using Infinit-I Workforce System have reduced their OS&D claim expenses by 74%.*
3. Decrease Driver Violations Companies using Infinit-i Workforce System have slashed driver violations by 82%.*
2. Save Money on Training Costs Trainers using Infinit-i Workforce System have lowered their safety training costs by 50%.*
1. Get a Free Ticket to Infini-i Engage Evaluation Program  If you’re really interested in revolutionizing your company and exploring how online training utilizing the Infinit-i Workforce System could revolutionize your business, visit our booth to find out how you can get a free ticket to the Infinit-i Engage Evaluation Program.

This unique 2 day experience allows you to explore online training, speak with other companies currently utilizing the system, and even create a custom training video.

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