6 Benefits of utilizing Infinit-I

  • Unlimited access to mobile & online training anytime
  • Increased driver comprehension of training material
  • Decreased frequency and severity of accidents and incidents
  • Improved CSA scores
  • Digital, automatic record-keeping provides indisputable proof of training in legal matters and DOT audits
  • Streamlined communication and shortened driver orientation
  • Automated corrective action training


  • 20% Accident Reduction
  • 80% Violation Reduction
  • 50% Training Costs Reduction
  • Increased Litigation Support
  • Preferred Insurance Premiums
  • Reduce Workflow Interruption
  • Reduced Office Expenses
  • Reduction in Overages, Shortages, and Damages

Seeing is Believing

Why Infinit-I Workforce Solutions for your Safety Managers & Trucking Company?

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is the ultimate safety manager tool for training, communication, and record keeping tool for transportation-based companies, private fleets, and schools. We provide trucking safety managers & executives with an online system built for a workforce on the move that can cut training cost by up to 70%.

Not to mention the time saved on onboarding, orientation, on-going training, & corrective action training. Safety Managers make safety training progress by assigning short training videos to drivers from any device, anytime.

With automatic tracking and recording, Infinit-I also creates a paperless, ironclad defense against the risk of litigation and audits.


Safety Manager Training Tools

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Infinit-I Workforce Solutions Features

Simplify & Streamline Your Driver Training Program

We conduct an audit of your business and determine cost saving options

Our team gives each client a customized report, analyzing how Infinit-I can make your business more profitable.

Your Client Success Representative (CSR) is assigned to your company

Your Personal CSR is only an email or phone call away. Your CSR manages administrative details for your account, at no additional cost!

Bite-sized instructional videos improve comprehension

Average training video length is 3 to 7 minutes and follows microlearning best practices.

Provides a Fully Customizable Training Platform

Infinit-I creates a custom-branded online interface for you, including the ability to upload custom training pieces. Only your logo and company colors appear on your website.

Cloud-based, mobile learning available 24/7

Our cloud-based training platform means you never have to worry about installation requirements or software maintenance. The Infinit-I Workforce Solutions platform is available 24/7, on any device that has internet capabilities (this includes computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.)

Personalize Safety Manager/Driver Communication

Personalize your company’s communication through Infinit-I with custom content. Our team is available to assist with every aspect of content creation (including writing, video production, and media creation) allowing you to be as creative as you want with your personalized safety manager and driver communication.

Review & Acknowledge Company Documentation From Anywhere, Anytime

Drivers can review and digitally sign company documentation from anywhere, speeding up your pre-orientation and onboarding process.

Digitally Archive Administrative Safety Manager Requirements in Real Time

Required safety training is automatically tracked, recorded, archived in real-time with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions and easy access for any safety managers.

Fast download times for videos, documents, and other content

Your drivers see high-quality videos because our video servers are nationwide, for faster local loading times.

New training videos added regularly

Each month we release new videos on legislative updates or new topics, keeping our training fresh and relevant. Our video library includes content in English, Spanish, and French.

Empower Your Drivers

“Let me start by saying, working with your company and team has been great. The assignments, modules and webinars are fantastic. The drivers are completely involved in the weekly and monthly lesson plans, and we tie it all nicely into our monthly driver’s meeting, with specific subjects. We can now single out individual drivers with corrective actions and do more one-on-one mentoring and coaching. It has turned out to be the greatest safety compliant system we’ve put into place with our company. Thank you for all your company has done for mine. I am looking forward to many years of our companies working together.” Rob “Stretch” Halterman – Transportation Supervisor – Organically Grown Company

How Infinit-I can help you leverage
and reinforce your in-person training:

With dozens of trucks parked during meetings, in-person transportation training programs are highly expensive, ineffective, time-consuming, difficult to coordinate, and impossible to accurately track. By the time that your drivers walk out of an in-person meeting and get back on the road, they will have forgotten nearly 90% of what was said. Add the stress of potential liability and punitive damages for drivers that didn’t attend the meeting, and you have a recipe for disaster.

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Engage Expert Boot Camp Seminars

Learn how to digitally transform your safety program, retain employees, safeguard your organization, lower training costs, attract better drivers, improve communication, increase insurability, and more.

Engage Academy

For Clients Only

Quickly learn how to build and implement a best-in-class training program for your specific company/industry.

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