Improving fuel efficiency for private fleets begins with changing driver behavior.

Through our wide range of fuel efficiency training videos, drivers become more aware of small decisions that, over time, have a huge impact on fuel efficiency.

Infinit-I’s training video content is backed by the science of microlearning, meaning that each video only has an average length of 3 to 7 minutes. Training your drivers over a short amount of time, in small mobile video increments, can create exponential ROI for your company and increase comprehension.

Save Money on Fuel

“When I first got the system, the first thing we focused on was the fuel module. We have 100 trucks at four miles to the gallon, and we are burning through fuel like crazy. I started printing the report that we can get out of Qualcomm that shows your MPG. We started rolling out the fuel module. It’s just these little things. Four percent fuel cost reduction. That doesn’t sound huge until you realize we spend $150,000 a week on fuel. All of a sudden we’re saving $8,000 a week in fuel. The system paid for itself, I don’t even know how many times, over the last 12 months, just in that.” – Rocky Lott, IT Director CAB Logistics

Improve your MPGs

“We started with Infinit-I in 2008, and our fuel economy was at 6.1 MPG. In 2009 we improved to 6.5 MPG. We started 2010 at 6.9 MPG. This happened by training, counseling, and continually working with our drivers. The efficiency of operation saves them and our company money. Everyone profits as a result of those efforts and the job gets easier.” – Jack Curry, Safety Director American Central Transport


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Fuel Efficiency Transportation Safety Training

There are a number of practical actions all transportation drivers, dispatchers, and maintenance personnel can take to increase fuel economy. Infinit-I’s safety training series on Fuel Efficiency covers:

  • Tire pressure
  • Idling/route management
  • Fuel efficiency skills and behavior
  • Cargo distribution
  • Controlling speed
  • Maintenance of the rig, and more!

Our entire video content regarding Fuel Efficiency, plus our entire content library of over 800 transportation training modules, is complementary with a subscription to the Infinit-I Workforce Solutions system.

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Ready to see how Infinit-I can digitally transform your fuel efficiency training?

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Want more video training? View more learning modules from Infinit-I’s video library.

6 Biggest Benefits of an LMS for Transportation Companies

  • Increased driver comprehension of training material
  • Decreased frequency and severity of accidents and incidents
  • Improved CSA scores
  • Digital, automatic record-keeping provides indisputable proof of training in legal matters and DOT audits
  • Streamlined communication and shortened driver orientation
  • Improved ability to provide corrective action training

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