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Truck drivers work incredibly hard. Many put in well over 70 hours per week away from the comfort of loved ones and friends. The pay has been one of the most attractive factors of the business.

The consistency of the transportation industry is another. In 2016, trucks transported 10.55 billion tons of freight. That was all moved by skilled truck drivers. Good drivers are like master craftspeople; attentive, detailed and thorough. It takes fortitude, dedication and a strong work ethic to be a top driver. No matter how skilled or well accomplished a driver is, sometimes infractions occur. When they do, FMCSA requires a driver to complete training before returning to the road.

No matter how prestigious a transportation company is, accidents happen and there are omissions in processes.  Leadership and safety teams make mistakes and forget to submit the necessary information. Sometimes compliance with new regulations can be confusing and cause issues. These are all situations which can lead to violations requiring corrective action training.

Handling corrective action training 

Corrective action training needs to happen fast. The longer a driver is off the road, he or she is not making money, and your fleet is moving less freight. This situation means your customers are not getting their goods either.

If your company uses online training, like the Infiniti-I Workforce System, you’re set up for success. It’s accessible anytime, anywhere. Wherever your driver is in the country, he or she can access and complete training.

The vast video library includes training for many different situations. No matter what kind of violation occurs, there is training for it. Your safety team can assign modules to a driver, with a timeframe for completion. Once done, there is a record of everything in the system. This information is ready for submission for audits, depositions or any other situation.

If violations are severe, you may want to take additional steps. When a driver returns to the hub, you can set up in-person meetings as a follow-up. You can also upload custom content to the system to speak to how your organization handles issues.

More than corrective action training

The Infinit-I Workforce System provides online training for corrective action training and more. It’s also a customizable learning management system.

Adding custom content created by your company is one of the benefits. There is API integration for ELDs and other applications. For larger organizations, you can segment teams; this allows you to communicate with specific parts of your organization. Whether you need to send corrective action training to team members or announce new company initiatives, the Infiniti-I Workforce System is the resource for you. To get to know more about this system and how it can help your business, request a demo here.

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