4 Steps to Build a Successful Safety Training Initiative

4 Steps to Building a Successful Safety Training Program Online

When one of your employees is involved in an accident, your company should immediately question what caused the accident and what tools you can put in place to ensure it does not happen again in the future. A good way to analyze this is to ask the question, “What could have been done in the weeks or months before the accident that could have prevented it from happening?”

Through the course of analyzing accidents within your company, you will notice one trend. Employee behavior is at the root of every accident that happens within your organization. Safety, therefore, is not something you can delegate to one person at your company. Safety must be at the root of every decision every employee within your company makes.

To maintain a good safety record, or to improve poor safety performance, it is best practice to implement safety training initiatives that inspire behavioral change throughout your organization. While safety training may seem like a daunting task, online training offers a method whereby employees can easily participate and engage in training and communication around safety related messages on their schedule.

Below we share four steps your company can utilize to build a successful safety training initiative designed to help you create a culture of accident prevention.

Identify Trends - Safety Training IdeasStep 1: Identify Trends

The best indicator of future performance is past performance. With this notion in mind, you should evaluate your loss ratios and look for negative trends that could lead to major accidents or safety violations if no training intervention is done. Ask yourself two questions:

  1. What’s the number one cause of my losses?
  2. How are we training our employees to improve that?

If you find yourself struggling to identify trends, your insurance company can help you analyze the frequency and the severity of your accidents. Remember, just because you have not yet had a catastrophic accident does not mean the frequency of your minor accidents should be ignored. Severity of an accident is merely a matter of luck. Getting ahead of the trends and stopping them is your key to creating a safe workplace for your employees.

Create a Training Strategy - Safety Training IdeasStep 2: Create Strategy to Target Challenges

Once you have identified your trends, you must then create a strategy that will allow you to train your employees. Training leads to awareness, and awareness reduces losses. One question companies often ask is “How much training is enough?” The short answer is, “It’s never enough.”

For example, in the trucking industry, drivers should be trained during onboarding on defensive driving skills, FMCSA rules and regulations, maintenance, and Hours of Service. Starting with training on these topics during orientation has been shown to have a positive impact on the trending of violations. Outside of onboarding, weekly awareness training on safety sensitive issues is paramount to building a best-in-class safety culture. This training can be done utilizing micro-training videos assigned online and completed in less than 10 minutes a week.

Companies should also do ongoing monthly, quarterly, or annual training to keep employees abreast of new rules and regulations. Online micro-training videos allows you to keep your employee’s attention through their training. Plus, testing employees on the content they watch online is an easy way to prove they have a comprehension of the materials. You save time and labor dollars, and your employees improve their top of mind awareness on safety best practices.

Measure Results via Benchmarking - Safety Training IdeasStep 3: Measure Results with Benchmarking

As you implement your training strategy, you will want to monitor how your training efforts are impacting your company’s bottom line. One of the best places to start is by evaluating how your safety scores and loss ratios improve as you target problem areas through training. Whenever you see trends headed in the right direction, continue doing ongoing awareness training on those areas until you reach the benchmarking goals you have set as a company for improvement.

Repeat - Safety Training IdeasStep 4: Repeat

Finally, safety is a journey that everyone in your company must embark on together. Accidents happen, even in the safest of companies. When they happen, identify the trends that caused them. Then develop a training strategy to improve upon them and measure your results through benchmarking. The first step towards changing anything starts with training, but there is no last step on the training journey.

Training and accountability are the only ways to affect change within your organization. If your company has a high frequency of accidents, and you are not training to prevent them, your frequency and severity of accidents will continue to rise. Online training is an easy, and affordable way to ensure you keep your safety message in front of your employees on a regular basis.

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