How to Plug 3 Holes That Cause Stress Training Drivers

How to Plus 3 Holes that Cause Stress in Truck Driver Safety Training, Orientation, and Onboarding.

There are holes in your training program, and they’re costing you lots of money and time that could be better used in other areas of your company. There’s a really easy way to plug these holes forever – allowing you to use your company resources in more strategic areas.

The best part is you can learn about this simple solution when you schedule a demo of the Infinit-I Workforce System.  More on that in a bit.

First, let’s look at the holes that are hurting your current training program.

Hole #1: Coordinating Drivers for Safety Meetings
Are you still spending time trying to coordinate your training using old fashioned techniques that involve gathering your drivers into one room?  According to industry studies, this means that while you’re putting out the effort to hold your safety meetings — 40% to 65% of your drivers are not attending these meetings. By default, you’re unknowingly allowing complacency to creep into your company.

You’ve probably heard the age old industry saying:
“Rookies bump into stuff, it takes years of experience
to be involved in the catastrophic crashes.”

In other words, your rookie drivers are fresh on their safety training and maintain a fear of the equipment. Over time they learn by experience how poorly they can drive and get away with it … and complacency begins to happen. Your CSA Scores get hurt, and that alone can kill your business. This is why initial and ongoing training completed by all of your drivers is a critical part of your company’s training program.

It is not only possible to make this happen – it is extremely easy with the Infinit-I Workforce System.

Hole #2: Properly Documenting Training & Communication
If you wind up in court because of an accident, you must be able to prove your drivers not only attended training, but that they also understood it. Additionally, you must be able to prove that each memo, letter, and policy and procedure manual you handed out, they read and received.

Attorneys will tell you that the “Golden Rule in Training” states “If it’s not signed; if it’s not dated; if it’s not in writing; if you can’t find it … it did NOT happen in the eyes of a jury.”

The Infinit-I Workforce System can help you ensure you are following the Golden Rule in Training.  This will help save your company from costly punitive damage judgments due to legal precedents when you go to court.

Hole #3: Spending Too Much Money on Orientations
Unless your company has mastered a secret formula the industry is desperately looking for right now, you’re probably on a constant search for new drivers. This means you’re not only spending a lot of time and money on orientations that bring drivers into your facility – you’re also losing money with each hour they’re sitting in a room doing training. What if there was an easier and faster way to do your orientations that allowed you to get your drivers on the road sooner without taking away from your safety training?

When the wheels aren’t turning, you aren’t making money. The Infinit-I Workforce System has helped hundreds of trucking companies create customized online orientations, getting their drivers up-to-speed and on the road faster.  After seeing a demo of the system, you just might find yourself asking,  “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Stop Patching Your Holes & Fix Them for Good
While some holes in your business need a lot of work to be plugged, each of the holes we talked about today can be plugged in just a few minutes with the Infinit-I Workforce System.

When you request a demo of the Infinit-I Workforce System, a member of our team will show you exactly how you can plug these holes with very little effort on your part.

Chances are you’re not doing all of the things the Infinit-I Workforce System was designed to help you with — and the things you are doing manually are creating too much stress. Because of that, you’re wasting money on resources that don’t need to be utilized any longer – you’re throwing away time utilizing outdated techniques – and you’re needlessly stressing over the oceans of paperwork you find yourself buried in trying to protect your business from audits and lawsuits.

What’s worse, hundreds of trucking companies are no longer doing things the way you are. They now have an edge up on you. We could go into all the details on what they’re doing here, but I know you’re busy. We are committed to helping trucking companies who are serious about their business implement a solution that will decrease their workload, increase their profits, improve their CSA scores, and fix the holes in their business that cause them to lose sleep at night.

Request a demo to learn more.

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