Who’s Really Responsible for Safety? The Answer May Surprise You.


It’s impossible to achieve sustainable success if a company is blind to safety.  You cannot have a safety culture until everyone in your company understands safety is more than just the daily actions you take. Safety is really about who you are as a company.  A new training series, Making Safety Happen, is now available through Vertical Alliance Group.  The online training videos are designed to help bridge the gap between leadership, safety, operations, and frontline employees.

Featuring Brian Fielkow, Making Safety Happen walks all levels of employees at a company through the steps Fielkow took at Jetco Delivery, a Houston-based transportation firm, to build a safety culture that he attributes to growing his company eight-fold.  Fielkow has over 25 years’ experience  leading safety sensitive businesses in a variety of high consequence industries, from Fortune 100 companies to privately held businesses.  The principles that drive safe outcomes apply regardless of company size.

“The training in each video is rooted in the belief that safety is not a priority, it is a value.  Many companies get this wrong,” said Fielkow. “Priorities change based on the situation at hand.  Values never change.”

In addition to authoring two books, Driving to Perfection and Leading People Safely, Fielkow is regularly invited to speak at companies and at risk management conferences on the topic of how to build a culture of safety.  At the end of every presentation, he is regularly told by safety managers and company presidents the most difficult problem with implementing everything they just learned is they have no way of presenting the same information back to their frontline employees.

“While safety starts with the leadership at a company, it must be owned by the employees,” said Fielkow. “This training series is designed to empower employees with the knowledge they need to understand why safety is a value at your company.  Let’s face it, it is difficult to provide a safe work environment if your frontline people are not engaged and aligned around your safety vision.  This series is designed to help your employees understand that an investment in safety is an investment in their well-being.”

Fielkow knows firsthand that a culture of prevention means employee behavior dictates safe or unsafe outcomes. Employee behavior determines safety success much more than any other contributing factor.

“At the root of every accident is the failure to appreciate the risk of the task at hand,” he said. “A safety department can train, coach, and mentor, but only an operationally aligned organization can execute on safety with excellence.  Safety execution requires a different and vastly broader approach than regulatory compliance.  It must be driven by company leadership and anchored to the frontline.”

A culture of prevention may be easy to talk about, but how do you really build one and weave it into your operations? How do you ensure your team is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking?  Making Safety Happen is a training series that helps companies answer these questions and train their frontline employees at the same time.

“We partnered with Brian Fielkow to create this training series because there wasn’t another safety training program on the market aimed at helping companies build a safety culture through their frontline employees.  Helping companies create safer workplaces through training is one of the cornerstones of who we are as a company,” said Jay Wommack, President of Vertical Alliance Group.  “When frontline employees gain the confidence and skills they need to take charge of their work area and lead their coworkers, solutions are stimulated, buy-in is accomplished, and long-term safety success is achieved.”

To celebrate the completion of the Making Safety Happen training series, Vertical Alliance Group has invited Fielkow to present a free webinar. How to Get Safety Ideas Out of the Boardroom and Actually Implemented Into Your Company’s Culture will be held on February 15, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. CST.  You can reserve your free seat to the webinar by clicking here or by calling 866-436-8232.

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