We’ve Changed Our Look

We've grown and changed a lot over the last two decades. That growth has helped us evolve into one of the country's premier online training systems.

infiniti workforce system onlinetraining mobilefriendlyOur roots started in the trucking industry, and over the last decade, they branched out to solve the training needs of schools nationwide, too.  This year, we branched out yet again.  Many of our clients started asking for content that solved the training needs of their Human Resources departments, in addition to the safety training needs we were already solving.

As we continued discussions with our clients, and we started working with some of the top human resource professionals to develop a new curriculum, we realized we were no longer just a training platform.  

We had evolved into a training system.

Many of our clients told us repeatedly how we helped to empower their company through the training processes we taught them.  They also told us they were confused.  Some knew us as Infinit-I or SafePUPIL.  Others knew us as Vertical Alliance Group, Inc.  And some only knew us as the creators of the Dan Baker Dispatcher Driver Program.  No matter what they knew us as, they knew we led the industry in the way we service our clients.

So we went to the drawing board and set out on creating a new brand.

A brand that would help us continue to empower your company through online training, while taking away the confusion about our name.

Infinit-I Workforce System | Online Training for Employees and Managers

We are still Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. — the team behind workforce empowerment.  Our core product is the Infinit-I Workforce System.  If you look closely, you'll see the Infinit-I Symbol is now part of our corporate icon, too.  And that icon will be present wherever you see one of our products.  So you'll always know Vertical Alliance Group is the creator of the products you're using to grow your company.

vertical alliance group logo red rollout

Our mission remains the same.

Fastrac Intensive Training | Infinit-I Onboarding ProgramTo provide our clients with an amazing customer service experience as we build your online training programs with you.  

To enhance this experience, we now offer our clients a Fastrac Onboarding Experience to help kickoff system implementation.  

Infinit-I Engage Evaluation ProgramFor our prospects, we offer a new Engage Evaluation Program, that allows you to test drive online training before you commit to implementing it at your company.

What this all means for you…

Our new branding allows us to rollout new training solutions to you without a lot of confusion.

One of the biggest changes our Trucking and School clients will see is the addition of a "Human Resources" Training Catalog to supplement the industry specific training catalogs you already receive.

Training Catalog for Trucking  School Training CatalogHR Training Catalog

Enhanced Product Offerings

Additionally, you'll notice we are expanding our product offerings through partnerships with some of the leading experts in the industry.  
These new training resources are housed in our "Infinit-I Experts" Program.

Dan Baker Dispatcher Driver Training   Ray Haight Driver Retention Masterclass    Tim Scott Online CDL Training

This is only the beginning…

Stay tuned for more changes to come over the next few months as we strive to offer you an online training experience that continues to empower your workforce is ways you didn't even know were possible.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

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