5 Things Your Insurance Provider Wishes You Understood About Driver Training

What are you doing right now to change your exposure to accidents?

This is one of the questions insurance companies look at each year as they evaluate your insurability.

In order for an insurance company to insure you, and for you to be profitable as a company, you must decrease your losses.  And there is only one way to affect change in this area … you must change driver performance.  And that comes down to training and accountability.

Lessons from a risk manager on issues costing you thousands

Last month I attended a training event, where a risk manager from an insurance company spoke about how our online training system empowers trucking companies.  Below are five reasons he gave for why trucking companies should utilize the Infinit-I Workforce System.

1. Keep drivers abreast of new rules and regulations

Rules and regulations change on a regular basis. Many companies are still using DVDs for training, and that makes training expensive to keep up with on a timely basis.  More importantly, those long DVDs bore drivers. The Infinit-I Workforce System offers short, up-to-date, training videos that not only make training affordable, but they also allow you to keep drivers engaged through their training.

2. Keep drivers on the road making money

Unlike DVD trainings that require you to bring all your drivers into the terminal, training done on the Infinit-I Workforce System allows you to keep your drivers moving and making money.  Let’s face it, no one really wants to sit in a training room for three hours on a Saturday. Plus, the test at the end of each short training video proves your drivers understand the materials presented. You save both time and labor dollars.

3. Identify negative driver behavior trends and reverse them

Another way the Infinit-I Workforce System helps your company is by proving you’ve made investments in your organization that improve performance. You’ve identified your trending. You’ve reacted to it. You’ve documented it, and you’ve held your drivers accountable through online training.  This combination is how the Infinit-I Workforce System casts you in a better light to the lawyers, to the feds, and to your insurance providers whenever your commitment to training is questioned.

4. Provide ongoing training to your professional drivers

When you train a teenager to drive, you practice skills with them repeatedly. Skills like backing, increasing following distance, lane changes, and proper speeds. A truck driver needs the same ongoing training. They should be totally saturated in training on defensive driving skills and on FMCSA rules and regulations.  With over 750 videos on a variety of topics, the Infinit-I Workforce System makes it easy for you to provide weekly or monthly training that keeps these best practices top of mind.

5. Reduce your exposure to increased insurance premiums

The amount of emphasis your company places on driver training can directly impact your insurance premiums. If your company has a high frequency of accidents and is not addressing behaviors through awareness training, you could see higher insurance premiums.

That’s one of the things Mark Sorine, Vice President of Safety at Quality Distribution, likes about the Infinit-I Workforce System…

“On renewal cycles, we have to do a presentation to our insurance carrier. Infinit-I is part of the presentation. They haven’t provided us any type of discount per se for utilizing the system. But it has been a factor where we’ve seen premium reductions in the last three years based on our performance. I have to think this product has something to do with that.”

-Mark Sorine, Vice President of Safety, Quality Distribution

Here’s the best part about everything I just shared…

Implementing a best-in-class training program is easier than you may think.  Since 2007, the Infinit-I Workforce System has helped more than 1100 trucking companies empower their drivers with the tools they need to do their job safer.  Plus, we’ve helped those companies become more presentable during the insurance renewal process.

If you’re ready to stop gambling your company’s liability on the fact that your drivers may remember the training you’ve given them and would like to learn more about how the Infinit-I Workforce System can empower a workforce on the move, schedule a demo.

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