How Much is an Inefficient Training Program Costing Your Company?

Two Day Game Changer Event Reveals How to Avoid Common Training Program Challenges With Solutions to Decrease Training Related Risks, Costs, and Headaches

Whether you do your in-person training weekly, monthly, quarterly, or just once a year, Infinit-i Engage Evaluation Program will teach you how to use online training to leverage what you’re already doing and maximize training results for your business. The process for getting these types of results is very systematic and anybody with a strong dedication to a better trained and more profitable workforce can figure it out.

082316 bootcampThe purpose of Infinit-I Engage Evaluation Program is to show you how to change your training program and allow you to leverage your training momentum. The result is you’ll get more employees better trained with less effort than you’re probably using now. Plus, you’ll learn why after implementing the system, the amount of time and money you currently spend on your training program will actually go down, but the quality of your program will have improved exponentially. Your training headaches will be gone.

Most companies don’t know how to do this. They know that their training program could use some help and that it’s under leveraged. As a result, they’re looking for solutions. Maybe that’s you. But there’s a larger group. A group that really doesn’t understand the untapped potential that lies in their training program. They spend some time gathering all of their employees in a room, they get some papers signed proving they “trained” said employees, and then they decide that whatever results they’re getting is probably about as a good as it gets.

They never imagined that getting an entire workforce trained quickly and more efficiently was even possible. Nothing could be further from the truth. The things you will Patrick Nevins New World Van Lineslearn at an Infinit-i Engage Evaluation Program are game changers in training. Once you understand how to utilize the Infinit-HR system on a consistent basis, then you’ll always have a predictable, consistent, and well controlled training program that positively impacts your company’s bottom line, every time you do anything called training. The system is based on principles that dictate that people always want to learn and improve.

Therefore, training’s job is not to simply gather everyone in a room on a quarterly basis and yak about a few topics, but rather it is to facilitate the delivery of ongoing learning opportunities and allow employees to feel like they are well trained professionals because they have enough quantity and quality training information. The system is truly a breakthrough in the way employees are trained today. We have hundreds of company success stories to prove that it works every time it is implemented.

We compete head-to-head with larger training companies who grab money from their customers with no accountability for results. These companies hate our guts because we expose their weaknesses and reveal our results getting processes to our clients, so they can evaluate our training system for themselves. Then we show our clients step-by-step how to get more money for their company through strategic training initiatives that have literally saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars just by implementing our training system.

The purpose of the Infinit-i Engage Evaluation Program is to educate you, so you have a clear vision of what your training program is supposed to look like, and just as importantly, what it’s not supposed to look like. We want to show you the steps and the strategies that work. Most of all, we want you to see how powerful what we have to teach you is, and we want you to comprehend the benefits for your company.

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