Do You Know These 7 Best Practices for Online Training?

MIT Study of 6.9 Million Video Sessions Identifies Keys to Engagement

One key feature setting most training videos in the Infinit-I Workforce System apart from videos produced by other training companies is the short amount of time it takes to watch them. Most of our videos average between 3-8 minutes in length for important reasons — studies show that because shorter videos explain a concept succinctly, they have higher engagement rates and higher memory retention rates. including: 6 Minute Videos
1. Segment Videos Into Chunks Shorter Than 6 Minutes
2. Use Talking Heads with Slides
3. Film Videos in Informal Settings
4. Utilize Continuous Visual Flow
5. Use Classroom Style Lectures Sparingly
6. Deliver Content with Enthusiasm
7. Recognize Lecture & Tutorial Videos Have Different Purposes

It is not uncommon for our clients who have utilized other training platforms before switching to the Infinit-I Workforce System to echo the MIT Study and share how the shorter training videos are better for their drivers.

“The other companies, they have 30 minute training sessions.  Have you ever sat a driver down and tried to lecture him for 30 minutes about something? You lose their concentration. They don’t retain it.  With this, 7 minutes is perfect.  They retain it,” explained Ricky Parker, Director of Safety for KLLM Transport.

Other companies say the same thing.

“We were using (your competitor) who had videos that were a little bit long, and the average attention span for drivers was not quite there.  So we decided to go with something else, and we were highly recommended to use Infinit-I Workforce System.  The video content, the video catalog, was the main reason we switched.  We felt like the videos were short and to the point.  We were looking for something short that would keep their attention. We were recommended to switch to Infinit-I Workforce System by a third party consultant.  We viewed it, and we loved it,” said Bill Beaty, Safety Director for Earl L. Henderson Trucking.

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